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Government Information

Foundations of Inquiry:
September 11, 2001

Governmental Updates
Flag draped over the side of the Pentagon building, 9/13/01
Background Resources
Terrorism Reports and Hearings
Statements and Briefings
Listed by date--Updated daily
GAO Reports on Aviation Security
Legislation and Executive Orders
First.gov Resource Site
Congressional Universe, Terrorism (ISU only)
Related Websites
   Documents Center, Univ. of Michigan

About this site:
This web resource was created in an attempt to bring together in one site, information at many governmental levels (federal, state, local, and international) concerning the recent terrorist activities against the United States.  In addition to including information from governmental representatives, this site also includes background information in the form of governmental research and legislation. Though it is primarily intended for students taking the Foundations of Inquiry courses at Illinois State University, I hope that those seeking information outside of that course may find it useful as well.

Angela Bonnell, Government Documents Librarian
Milner Library, Illinois State University
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Page created: September 11, 2001
Last revised: September 13, 2001



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